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Friday, July 26, 2013

Posy Quilt from Making Life Prettier

I love today's sweet feature!! Sweet baby girl quilt in pretty fabrics and colors...totally speaks to me :)  Samantha from Making Life Prettier has a fabulous little sewing blog.  Seriously just scroll through some posts...they're all gorgeous finishes and fabrics.  I'm excited to get to know Samantha more and see her awesome quilts!! Thanks for sharing! :)

I grew up sewing with my Mom but I swore I wouldn't sew after I moved

out. Although sewing came back into my life when I became a Mom. I
then somehow decided I would start quilting. I hadn't ever made a
quilt before two and a half years ago. (My Mom is a bridal seamstress
I grew up working on wedding dresses.) I have learned a lot from
quilting blogs and books although there are lots of techniques for me
to still learn. I am glad that there is such a wonderful community of
quilters out there that are willing to share information and support
newbies like me!  I love making quilts so those around me so they can
be surrounded by my love! Creating is just part of me I guess even
though I tried to drown it once upon a time. Anyhow here is my two
year daughters quilt. I hope you love it as much as she does!

It has been a quilt top for a while but over the weekend I finished this sweet quilt up! Miss E’s posy quilt or as she calls it her bunny blanket is all ready to cuddle with. She is willing to share pictures of it but don’t you even think about touching it…

This quilt is made with a pattern by Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew called Inside Out. I modified it slightly by adding the left over pieces from the charm squares as a border and put the middle plus print at the ends instead of making them scrappy. The fabric is Posy by Aneela Hoey. I used charm packs and some bunny yardage for the inside pluses!
It is her bunny blanket because she LOVES bunnies! She tries to count all the little bunnies running in the pluses. I decided to use a print instead of a solid like the pattern suggests. It makes it busier but I wanted to feature those darling bunnies! (Although lately she says elephants are her favorite, silly girl)
I am also proud to announce that I actually free motioned a quilt! I did loops with my trusty Aurifil thread plus my gardening atlas grip gloves. (Thanks Cathy for the tip!) It is the only free motioning I know how to do, lol, I need more practice! You might ask if it was tricky with the minky backing. It wasn’t but I have to say it is because of the spray basting.(I used 505 spray adhesive) I would never attempt this with pins. Minky just stretches and pulls too much but she won’t sleep without a soft blanket. It washed up so nicely! Perfect for snuggling!
This quilt is bound with a crosshatch print from Blooms and Bursts by Jen Da Silva that I found at a local quilt store. All put together makes a happy little girl…
…and a cute bed! All ready to sleep. If you are wondering this is a Ikea adjustable bed at the smallest setting. The quilt fits pretty well just a little bit too narrow that doesn’t really matter though.
With the added borders the quilt measures at approx. 38” by 43 1/2”. Now to maybe finish up my last WiP before we move! Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

So pretty!!!! Love it

Samantha said...

Thanks again for the feature and your kind words on my little bitty blog!
I am glad that you ladies loved my quilt so much :)

Ashley @ WasntQuiltInADay said...

Oh my, I love Samantha's blog, and this quilt is adorable. How cute is that picture of her daughter holding the quilt? love.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt

Carla said...

Great finish, I really like that pattern.

felicity said...

Samantha is every bit as lovely in person as you would imagine from her gorgeous blog!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

How adorable! Going to have to check out this pattern.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Love your adorable cross quilt.

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