Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fabric Tuesday, come on and link up!

As always, I am so inspired from all the projects from last week. I have finished some projects myself, hopefully I can get a few posted this week. I also attended an awesome quilt retreat in Hobble Creek this last weekend. I had so much fun!!! A few projects that caught my eye....

This awesome quilt "royalty" from My Quilt Infatuation. So neat!

Porch Swing quilts with her second quilt pattern, cuteness!

Craftsy BOM 2012
Paula from the Sassy Quilter never disappoints. Love!

This quilt really caught my eye in the thumbnail. Just cute and pretty! From Farm Road Quilts

Sweet pillow, sweet colors. Love this! From Modern Parti Quilts. 



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my hexie quilt is coming along and only two borders left to do - thanks for sharing all the eye candy

Lara B. said...

Beautiful projects, both last week and this week!

Farm Road Quilts said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Happy Go Lucky pinwheel quilt this week!! I didn't realize it until I saw readers coming over from your blog. : ) Your link party is fun, I try to participate as often as I can.

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Kelly0989 said...

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