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Friday, November 7, 2014

Lucy's Fancy Cape!

I made Miss Lucy a cape.  She didn't have a "formal" coat (for all her fancy engagements of course) and I just knew I had to use Michael Miller Glitz to make her a cape!

There will be LOTS of pictures and little how-to.

Like a boss!

How to make a cape (this is not a tutorial as I didn't take photos as I went but I will be happy to answer any questions!)

This will fit a little girl up to about size 7 or maybe more!  You'll adjust the length and neck as needed for your princess.


1.5 yards of cotton fabric (I used Michael Miller's Glitz)
1.5 yards of minky
1 button

The bottom of the cape is a circle.  Keep this in mind when choosing fabrics as directional prints will end up sideways and upside down.


The bottom of the cape is a circle skirt.  Get your measurements HERE on MADE.  She has the numbers and a diagram to get the numbers you need.  To establish the radius I measured a collar of Lucy's.  Do not add any additional numbers (remember her measurements are for a skirt) as we do not need a gather or anything.  The cape opens and closes with a button so it does not need to fit over their heads.  For the length I did as long as I could, around 19".

Cut the circle from both fabrics. Going back I would probably NOT make it a full circle.  I would do anywhere from 1/2-3/4 skirt.  It is so full she gets annoyed that she can't easily pull out her hands.  When it's actually cold outside (as it isn't too cold yet) I don't think she'll mind as it's like a blanket!

Lay the pieces together, choose a spot and cut a straight line from the neck (radius) to the outside.  If you didn't make a full circle you already have an opening.  With the right sides together sew together, from the neck of the opening to the outside, all the way around the bottom of the circle (IMPORTANT leave a 4"-5" opening somewhere along the bottom of the circle, we will close this later), and back up the other side to the neck opening.  LEAVE THE SEAM AROUND THE NECK OPEN.  Set aside to make the hood.


For the hood I used my 5 year old sons coat hood as a pattern.  I used his because I wanted the hood to be more full and loose.  You could use any hood you have on hand and adjust a little larger or smaller as needed.

I laid the hood flat and simply traced around it onto pattern paper.  Around the neck I extended it down a little further so I had excess to sew it into the cape.

Fold your fabric in half (they need to be opposite directions so just fold it!) and use the pattern to cut 2 of the outside print and two of the minky.  It took a little brain power (and a seam ripper) when I was sewing it together but I figured it out!  Take the outside pieces, right sides together and sew down what will be the center or middle of the hood.  Repeat for the inside pieces.

Place the outside hood piece into the inside hood piece, right sides together.  Then sew together the front (the seam around the face).  Turn it right side out and press.  The bottom of the hood should be open.

It is VERY twirl-able!

And super cozy.


With the cape still inside out and the hood right side out, place the hood inside the cape at the neck and pin.  Have the outside cape fabric facing the outside hood fabric (and thus the inside fabrics facing each other).  Sew around the neck seam to close it.  Turn the cape right side out from the 4"-5" gap left when stitching the cape together.

Press the whole cape nice and crisp.  Top stitch around the whole cape (closing the gap as you go). I stitched around the entire cape again about 2" in.  You can see this on the button picture above.  Minky is so slick I wanted to stitch again to stabilize it all better.

Attach the button!

How many questions do you have? Lol!  Leave them in the comments and I will answer in the comments as well as add it to the post (if necessary).

Read the instructions first.  But I do find that when I read the directions for anything I'm confused.  Once I start creating whatever it is, it is so much easier to follow when I actually have it in front of me, makes a lot more sense.

I adore this girl.  Look at her sweet face!! 

Our backyard in Virginia sure made a great backdrop for a cape.

Can you spy her?!

Thanks for indulging me with all my photos!

Thanks for stopping by!!



TakeMeThereTotes said...

Darling Lucy in her new Cute, Cute cape! I like that it is warm and cozy lined with minky. (Although I find it challenging to sew with minky.) And creating your own design makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing.

Jasmine said...

So cute! Is there a loop or a button hole, or is the button just for looks?

Daytona Damsel said...

What a cutie Lucy is and I love the cape. You gave me an idea for a cape to cover my arms since I hate coats and Florida winters are not that cold.

sam said...

Precious! Both Lucy and the cape.

gibbygoo56 said...

Beautiful cape for a beautiful girl!

Lara B. said...

Lucy is too adorable for words! Every little girl needs a cape like that.

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