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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilt Story- A feature on Pamela Wiley

We got an email about this amazing quilter, Pamela Wiley, a friend wrote up this post and submitted these photos. I am quite inspired and in awe at the detail! Such unique modern piecing and quilting. What am impressive quilter!!

Wiley utilizes grids, borders, and enclosing angles in flat maze-like spaces. Patterns in each piece build, divide and dissolve with positive and negative space creating optical illusions. There is a gentle playfulness between shapes, a geometric game in which some pieces fit together and others refract. They bespeak ritual and custom, comfort and stability, while introducing new connections and planes of comprehension. Like traditional quilts of old, Wiley’s interpret the culture and worldviews from which
they came.

An American artist living and working in coastal Georgia, Wiley enriches her practice with a broad knowledge of traditional French textile-making and deep interest in natural dye processes and the preservation of heirloom techniques. Her work exemplifies the decorative stitching of traditional whole cloth quilts and the breadth of geometry. Wiley’s work embodies the Feminist artist’s call to elevate the dialog of domesticity and experiential ritual in art and invoke more inclusion into that which is both personal and social.

In Story Lines, we see a female artist powerfully creating space for women’s roles to be projected and interpreted via a blended language of art, design and craft. With stitched text and lines delineating pathways throughout her work, Wiley invites viewers to to unlock their personal narrative, internal dialogue, and memories. She advises her audience to “be true” adding, “the story is open to 
interpretation, the lines are merely guides to get you there.”

Above photo taken by Gabrielle Hutchison more can be found here.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sure is a lot of good straight line quilting there!

Lorinda said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing her amazing work!

claudia said...


Stephie said...

Very thoughtful article, thank you. Love the bottom quilt!

PamelaWiley said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful write-up!

Unknown said...

Your fabric career continues to grow and amaze me. These are wonderful.

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