Thursday, December 10, 2015

Horse + Sleeping Bags

Hey friends! We're right in the thick of the holidays...and I'm sure you're like us working on a bunch of projects at once!

Psst there is a "simple" tutorial for how to make these at the end.

When Art Gallery Fabrics asked to me to creates something with DARE by Pat Bravo I knew the perfect project, sleeping bags for horses!  LOL!!  Heather got a good laugh when I told her that.  My stuffed animal and horse obsessed Lucy is getting some for Christmas.  Well obviously they need somewhere to sleep.

Mr Panda Bear is quite cozy in his quilted bed!

It fits most of her existing stuffed animals and dollies.

And the horses...she is going to be thrilled!  These will all squeeze in her bed every night I'm sure!

My favorite print is the black and white floral.  I also really love the other floral too.  Such pretty colors in DARE!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you're catching up on your WIPs this week!

The simple how-to is as follows:

* 1/4 yard cut print (+ binding)

* fold in half length-wise (matching selvedge edges)

* Baste/batting. I spray basted but this step doesn't need to be perfect (ie I didn't tape it down or anything)

* Quilt (an awesome opportunity to practice and try new designs)

* On one short edge attach binding

*Fold edge with binding up to desired placement,

* Pin and add binding all around


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Barb Neiwert said...

If my daughter were 6 instead of 29, I would SO make those for her! Delightful - your little one will love them.