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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog swap with Twin Fiber girls...

Hi everyone, Jessica here from the twinfibers blog! Thanks so much for joining me today as Heather and Megan and I are blog hopping today.
My sister, Jennifer and I started our blog a few years ago to share what we create and we've been having lots of fun quilting and sewing. I'm the one on the right in the picture above and Jennifer is on the left. Today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite sewing projects and a little bit about them. I hope you enjoy!
Brick Path Quilt Folded

This is the first quilt that I finished. Heather Bailey really started my love for fabrics and quilting with her Freshcut collection. It really was a big quilt to make for my first project, but it's one of those quilts that still gets used every fall. It seems to get softer and more comfortable with age! I remember trying to read online as much as I could about quilting and how to make a quilt. I found a video on YouTube that showed you how to baste a quilt. I ended up basting this one with thread and rolling it up on a long board to keep everything straight. It's a bit different than how I do things today, but the quilt did turn out really nice and it was really easy to quilt it that way.
Shoo Fly Quilt - DQS8

Another thing I love to do is join in different swapping groups! Here's one of the quilts that I made for a doll quilt swap. The pattern is called Shoo Fly and I really like it because it introduced me to an improv style of piecing. I didn't have to measure out each corner triangle... you just stitch it on and see what happens. I like it because there is still some distinct pattern and order to the quilt, but it has some movement with the varying sizes of the corner triangle pieces.

 Pop Flower Quilt

 This is a quilt that I made for the { Urban } Home Goods Swap and it just may be my favorite quilt so far. One of my favorite designers is Orla Kiely and this little quilt is inspired by her flower motifs and sense of order and repetition in her artwork.

Pop Flower Quilt - details

It was also my first try at hand quilting a quilt. I love the look and how it turned out, so I'm sure that I'll give it another try on a future quilt. For me, that's what's great about these swap groups. It gives me a chance to try out a new technique or idea on a small project and I get to make someone else happy with something made especially for them.

Henna Garden Quilt

This quilt is one of my newest favorites. I challenged Jennifer to make something out of a fat quarter of each of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden fabric print and this is the quilt that I made. You can read more about it here, but it was a fun project to do and see what each of us could come up with. This is the quilt that currently lives on the couch... the flannel backing makes it so soft and warm and it's perfect for these chilly fall evenings we're experiencing.

Bliss Quilt top

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas and the gifts I would like to make. I don't know if it is the holiday music playing on several radio stations or the little counter on e-bay telling me how many days after left before Christmas, but I'm starting to realize that my time flies and I need to get started now! The quilt top above is one of those gifts that got started this past week and may actually get finished before it needs to be delivered. Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope that you'll visit me over at twinfibers soon! A big thanks to Heather and Megan for blog hopping with me today, too! You have a great blog here and I always enjoy my visit on your site. ~Jessica


Anonymous said...

I love that Heather Bailey quilt! It's beautiful and I've loved those fabrics for a long time!

The last quilt in progress has some great fabrics too!!!

Jocelyn said...

This was too funny to see you on Quilt Story blog and Heather and Megan on twinfibers. Love the quilts.

Quiltstory said...

Jennifer and Jessica,
We LOVE your blog. Thanks for the swap. Thanks for cranking out quilts on a regular basis for us to swoon over! Love all you do!
Heather and Megan

Christie describeHappy said...

Your first quilt with the Heather Bailey fabric is beautiful! I really like the simple brick looking pattern with the criss-crossed quilting on top. Awesome!! My second favorite has to be the flower quilt. Your hand quilting is so neat looking!

Becky said...

I love flannel! I'm considering putting flannel backing on all of my quilts....

Erika Mulvenna said...

What wonderful quilts! :-)

I think you'd like checking out all the great quilting links over at if you haven't found it yet. And, is going to announce a great give-away this coming monday!

Heather said...

It's all Heather Bailey's fault I agree! I love her fabrics. She got me loving the more "modern" look. I need to try hand quilting too, your little quilt is adorable.