Monday, November 22, 2010

Cara and a Quilt-a-Long

Heather and I always love checking out Fabric Tuesday links getting inspired by all of you!  A few weeks back Cara from Me? A Mom? Had a beautiful almost finished quilt, so we made her promise to send it our way when it was all the way done!!  And not only that...she's turned it into a quilt-a-long for all of us lucky girls (and one boy? two?).  Here's Cara:

I'm just starting a quilt along and tutorial of the pattern Urban Lattice on my blog I think it's going to a lot of fun!

This quilt was made for my husband who has long wanted a "manly" quilt that was all his. Not only was it to be masculine looking but he also wanted it to be a really large lap size. His only request was that it have lots of blue.

I went round and round trying to decide what pattern to use.

Then, after doing a baby-sized string quilt for my daughter -- and loving the paper piecing process -- I decided to think about ways I could modify a string quilt block.

The result was a design I call "Urban Lattice." I love the simple geometric nature of the design and so does my husband.

The finished size is 72 x 84 -- the largest I've ever made before by FAR. I machine quilted the entire thing myself and thought at times my lil' ol' basic Janome might start smoking What a workout! I cursed. I laughed. I got charlie horses in my shoulders. But it was all worth it.

Here and here are posts where I talked about this quilt.

Thanks for your interest in featuring my quilt. I love your blog.

Thanks Cara!  And I just have to say...I may have gasped tonight when I saw how close your kids are in age!!  But they are ridiculously cute so that makes up for any lack of sleep, right? :)

Make sure to stop back tomorrow to show off your fabric finishes on Fabric Tuesday!



kelly said...

that is gorgeous!!! i've got THREE baby quilts to make in the next few months... this may be a good pattern to go with :)

Heather said...

I love this too. Love the color combinations. Wish I didn't have tons of projects going on so I could join the quilt a long.