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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fabric Tuesday #23

Heather and I are back together again!  Not only are we in the same city crafting, we're in the same house.  My two boy's and I have been making ourselves at home for over a week, and it's awesome!  And to celebrate, let's have 
Fabric Tuesday
edition 23
Our dear sweet mother came over Monday afternoon and we both whined for a nap. (We have been staying up til past 1 am crafting almost every night).  So she said "Sure." I told her I wouldn't mind if she assembled dinner for us either.  When Heather and I were rudely woken from our deep slumber 2 hrs later, our mom had made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, babysat our children, ironed Heather's pile of snowball blocks, cut my binding, and organized Heather's much needed tupperware cupboard.  Makes me want to nap again just listing all she did. Heather and I can't accomplish all that in one whole day together! We don't know how we were born from her uterus and not nearly as productive or organized as her!

Heather has a GORGeous quilt to show off today, isn't this a great quilt pattern?
This is the fabric I got from Fresh Squeezed fabrics. It is not my normal color choices at all, but I LOVE it. It is my favorite style of fabrics, vintage and floral. My heart always goes back to those. A couple months ago I posted this tutorial how to make the dutch pinwheel's. I finally got it all together, ready to quilt. I think I am going to attempt to quilt it myself, this would be the largest quilt thus far (scary) but I want to try.

Also, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics is going to do a GIVEAWAY of these great fabrics right here on Quilt Story so you could make one of your own!!  Stay tuned.
Here is a photo from the tutorial on how to piece the Dutch pinwheel block. Cute?

Sorry Mother dear for showing my quilt in front of my dead annual flower pots. Yes, I know you told me to move those to the garage. No I obviously didn't, and what is the point now? In no time you will be back over here replanting them for the spring!

Edition 23
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What projects have you been working on the last two weeks??



Anonymous said...

Hello Heather and Megan! I'm sure you have the best time together and having even you mom with you!
This quilt is beautiful - the colours and the simple pattern!
Thank you for hosting again Fabric Tuesday!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

gorgeous quilt! I love the pinwheel within, so cute! And isn't it so wonderful to have your mom around. I love when mine visits. Too bad mine doesn't quilt so she can cut my bindings too!

Splendorfalls said...

Does your Mom make house calls?

Cindy said...

Love!! your quilt! There are just so many gorgeous patterns you can do with half square triangles.

Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Wow. Sounds like a fairy. Color me green with envy!

I really like this quilt pattern - thanks for showing even more versatility with the HSTs!

Shelley said...

Such a beautiful quilt!

Quilt Genius said...

I don't have a new project to link up right now, but I am a follower. :)


SewSara said...

haha - "born from her uterus" - loved that part. you gals are too fun(ny).
see you tonight i hope. or tomorrow. or both. :)

i want to link my february quilt but mclinky isn't working and i gotta go to work (hint)

Jen said...

wow, your mom is amazing! :)

I love how that quilt turned out! I just pinned that block to my pinterest board this weekend. I was thinking: I really need to make a quilt from this block! Thanks for the inspiration!

Christie describeHappy said...

That is one productive nap, ha! I really do like the combo of the pattern and the fabrics. Delightful!

Vickie said...

Hello, lucky ladies! :) I love your blog!!! I am now an 'official' follower, though I have followed in my reader for awhile now! I posted here:

Unknown said...

Oh no, I'm one of the offenders! I would suggest that you include that blurb in every Fabric Tuesday. I added the button to my sidebar thinking that then I didn't have to remember to include the blurb in each post then. Sorry!

terralynn84 said...

Gorgeous! What size are your HST's and the final size of your quilt? Thanks!

beth said...

Please send your mother over here...asap! I became a follower. ;)

Melissa said...

Another frequent lurker here- I originally envisioned the dutch pinwheel blocks on a smaller scale, but I love the size of the finished quilt. So for those of us (okay, me) who are desperately math challenged, how big are your HST's and how big is your quilt finished? I want to go start cutting something asap to make the same quilt! Thanks!

JuneBug said...

Oh I love linky parties! I started following a little while ago, didn't know you would reciprocate :)

Tammy said...

Love the quilt block pattern and the color combination. I just discovered your blog two days ago!

~K @ VintageSkye said...

I am following-lovely blog! Thanks for hosting a wonderful linky party!

Laurie said...

Go mom! I just popped in from 42 UFOs to see what this linky party is all about and wanted to say: I have trouble with linkys all the time. I often have to click on the actual post before I can see it.

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