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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gorgeous fabrics, cute photo shoot, fun patterns!

If I could express my happiness properly in this post, I have done a good job!

Meg and I got a darling stack of fabrics from Birch organic fabric, storyboek line. CUTE!!! I remember seeing this fabric line in Fat Quarter Shops upcoming lines, and I said " I must have that fabric!" We made sure to run into them at Market, thank goodness we did!

Moose, yes, that is what we call him...(my head is hung low) has his pants and hat made up in the line. The shirt was a Gymboree one that I used this winter, it had long sleeves, but since I knew it wouldn't fit him next winter, I chopped them off!  

Are you in LOVE with his pants??? These are the made up from the cutest Oliver and S pattern:  Sailboat Top, Skirt and Pants. I thought I would need my mother, (because I am not the most skilled at clothing construction) but this pattern is so much better than those ones from your average fabric store, with the confusing instructions. This is laid out so nicely, with diagrams for every step of the way. Super easy! I even did the buttons all by myself, I am so proud when I tackle a project like this! More pants to come for sure!

I made them a little big so next year I can cut down the legs, and add new elastic, then I will have shorts!

Just love this photo of Moose head (often we call him that too) He looks like such a little man!  Oh, and if you were wondering, the keys are his security blanket, seriously! He LOVES them. We called 10 dealerships for his birthday to see if they had scrap keys, and found a little stash. It was his favorite present of all! Problem was, within a couple days, he realized the keys did nothing to our cars or doors, and he hates them. So we have to give him our real keys! It has been fun!

Oh, and to top it off, this Birch fabric is SUPER soft! We just kept petting it!

 Details of the photoshoot...we went to the salt flats in western Utah, miles and miles of pure white salt flats, something to do with the salt like, I don't know how they got there, nor do I care. Anyhow, I had been wanting to do this for a while, but turns out it is FAR! It took Meg and I 2 1/2 hours from my house.  

We planned one day before, I knew Wes' outfit, but didn't shop for plan anything else. I had the girls go through their clothes the morning of and said blue, yellow, white and grey.  They did good! To be honest, I wasn't very excited about it. My kids let me down BIG TIME for photoshoots. They never work out. The babies cry and make funny faces and ruin almost every photo!

I was worried because we were going in the noon day sun, and I was worried of proper exposures with all that white salt.  When I came home and we looked through them on the computer, I cried! They are the most beautiful photos I have taken of them all together! I have dozens I can choose from, and I usually can only hope for one! The exposures were almost perfect, the children were super sharp and in focus (due to the high shutter speeds from all the light)

I got darling individuals too, (but only one good one of Addie) lots of squinting from the sun. I will definitely be making this drive again, I will just plan the day better. 

I hope you are in love with Weston's clothes, and the photos as I am!
The cute hat pattern is from Izzy and Ivy, darling for boys and girls, I have made up several!



Nicky said...

What a cute family! Love the location - fab photos but next time I'd love to see the group shot with bigger shadows - is that possible?! You say you will plan better next time but I can't believe you took the chair!

The outfit is adorable but I'm afraid HE upstaged it!

pinsandneedles said...

Beautiful photos!

**nicke... said...

what a beautiful location and i love his pants. i actually love all the pants and skirts.

Lynette said...

What fantastic photos!!

Tamie said...

These are great photos. I only have three but it is nearly impossible to get one good shot much less to have a choice. Congratulations.

Alisa said...

Cute clothes, cute kids. I have 5 as well!

Alisa said...

Cute clothes, cute kids. I have 5 as well!

Lynne said...

Lovely photos, family and clothes.

Krista Schneider said...

wow, these are amazing photos! at first i was like, where on earth looks like this?! then i figured it out :D how lucky to live near such a fantastic backdrop! beautiful kids.

Jennifer said...

These photos are fantastic! What a beautiful family!

Jennifer :)