Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twin Fiber's Virtual Quilting Bee Quilt

Twin Fibers is a place Heather and I visit often for inspiration!  Those girls are always working on something darling!!!  Some of my favorite projects are Jennifer's Parasols Quilt (!!!!),  Jessica's Selvage Star Quilt, and Jessica's Mod Times Quilt Along...I can't wait for a break to start this quilt :)  Oh and THIS recent project has me drooling.  Twin Fibers is an absolute MUST if you're a quilt blog hopper :)  
Enjoy Jessica's Quilting Diva's Virtual Quilting Bee quilt:

Thanks again to Heather and Megan for allowing me to share another one of my quilts with you!
Quilting Diva's VQBee Quilt - finished
Many of the blocks from this quilt were from the Quilting Diva's Bee that I was in. I received so many gorgeous blocks! The women in that group really spent some time choosing fabrics that were perfect for my color scheme and spent even more time stitching a block together.
detail 1
I love the eclectic nature of the quilt and I think the sashing and binding really helps to pull it all together. Usually I stick with a solid sashing but I really love how the stripe and patterned cornerstone fabrics work within this quilt.
Quilting Diva's Bee Quilt - rolled
I've been working hard at finishing up some of my unfinished quilt projects since the beginning of the year and am so glad that I pulled this one out to work on. It would be a shame to have those gorgeous blocks hidden away! Now I see and can enjoy them every day in this quilt. If you'd like to see more of what I'm up to, I keep a blog at Twin Fibers where my sister and I share our sewing projects. Happy Sewing! ~Jessica


Teje Karjalainen said...

Wow, this is most beautiful quilt! I love every block and all the colours come out so beautifully from the white!

Anonymous said...

Stunning quilt. Love the colors. Love how the dog looks like he's standing guard!!

the gathering girls said...

lovely the binding!

Lynette said...

Very pretty

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful! I have had my blocks from Quilting Divas out on my desk for a while trying to figure out what to do with them. I need to come up with a few extra blocks to add to it. I hope my turns out as wonderful and cozy as yours did!

Dawn said...

This quilt is absolutely adorable! I love the colors and the striped sashing really makes it pop. Too cute for words! I see why you are enjoying it.

Life - Up, Down & Sideways said...

I just love this quilt. The colors just POP. I really liked the close up pick of the binding and the perfect corners. I can NEVER get mine to look that good.

Adam Thomas said...

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