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Thursday, September 15, 2011

When you think sewing machine...

For many many people, sewers and non-sewers, when they think of a sewing machine the brand Singer comes to mind.  I think most of us have a "thing" for antique Singer machines :)  A couple of years ago I saw one at a garage sale, the machine, table...looked amazing.  I didn't even ask how much it was (no matter the cost we couldn't afford it at the time!).  I kick myself whenever I think of it.  I'd love to have that in my craft room!!
This post is not intended to be a debate about which machine is best.  I am also not getting anything for doing this post, but I found this site and information interesting and thought you might too!  I personally do have a Singer...we purchased it a few years ago when I really started getting into sewing and quilting.  It has been really good to me and was affordable.

This January Singer is celebrating 160 years!!!  WOW!  And to celebrate they are unveiling a new limited edition machine with the designs of the past but with modern, easy-to-use features.  I personally cannot wait to see what it looks like!!

So if you have or have had a Singer (or maybe your mom did, or your grandma) you should share your Singer story.  I've had fun just reading through them tonight and after I post this I'm going to add my own!  The cool thing is that everyone who shares their story is entered to win one of the new machines!!!!  A girl can dream, right? :)  Let us know if you share your story too...we'd love to read it.


And another one of me really talented and darling friends Tamara is having a re-opening of her Etsy shop,
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Darling right??  Well she's giving away a custom owl beanie...seriously!!  So make sure to see her blog, love and be loved to enter (you've got until Saturday!) and check out the yellow attic too!


katie jean said...

I learned to sew on my Mom's Singer when I was very little, in the 70's. And when I had a job that I received a Christmas bonus, what did I buy? A Singer. I now own a quilt shop and I have that same machine, 20 years old, in my shop. I love to show people that you don't need to spend a lot of money to quilt with a high end machine. It has always been my most reliable sewing machine, and I love it :)

Anonymous said...

I too am a Singer girl. When I was young my mom made all my clothes on her Singer. It was a work-horse. We now have the pleasure of owning my husbands grandmother's antique treadle Singer complete with wooden cabinet and cast iron base. Still works if I could figure out the rythm! I recently found a 1965 aqua blue Singer for $10 at a local thrift store and now have it proudly displayed in my living room. I learned to sew on and continue to sew on a Singer. I have a Brother machine for embroidery but for my quilting and sewing, it's my Singer all the way. Oh yeah, my mother-in-law has a Singer that her father bought used for her mother back in the 40's...still sews like it's brand new!!

Dorian said...

How COOL! I can't wait to see the new Singer!

I love old machines also. I use a late 1800's treadle, it's a White. I also have an early 1900's White electric that I use.

Both are great machines. Thanks for the headsup on the Singer.

Tamara Jacobs said...

thanks SO much meg!!!
you're the best.
i miss you tons and tons!!!
love ya,

pcflamingo said...

I don't remember what brand of sewing machine I learned to sew on, but I was sitting on my mom's lap while she "drove" and I fed material through the machine with her help. Then when I was a big grown up in 1968 (ha!) she gave me a Singer Featherweight to take with me to college. It is still my back-up sewing machine and I take it with me to sewing retreats just in case my Bernina goes into a swoon. There are some retreats when it's the only machine I take. It's my little workhorse and I love it.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for the link. I shared my story :-)

tink's mom said...

I too learned to sew on a Singer. I think I was about 4 when I was allowed to help my mom. When I got my first machine of my own as a high school graduation present it was a Singer. When I was in my early 30's my step dad found a box in the basement that was kind of a wreck and he gave it to me if I wanted to clean it up. A Feather Weight, can you belive it. I'm now in my 60's and I still use it on a regular basis. Wonderful machine.

Lynne said...

I learnt to sew on a Singer machine - it was a gift from my grandmother. My DD also learnt to sew on that same machine. Nanna also gave a Singer machine to my sister and at least one of my nieces sews on that machine. Both Nanna and Mum had singer machines. DD now has a Brother and I have a Janome but I regret giving away my Singer!

Kirsten said...

My mum had a Singer sewing machine so that is what I learned on and when I left home over 20 years ago, one of the first things I did was to buy my own Singer machine. I also have a vintage Singer treadle machines in its original stand that my dad rescued from the dump and restored back to working order.

Jenn at The Little Shop of Stitches said...

I think the old Singers bring about a sense of nostalgia for all of us. As we sit here blogging in the virtual world, old sewing machines bring us back to our organic-ness. Much as sewing itself does.