Thursday, September 1, 2011

Messenger Bags done!

I mentioned earlier this week that my husband was gone for EIGHT WEEKS!!!!  It was so long and I missed him lots.  I spent a good amount of time in Utah with my family.  Then I convinced two of my nieces to come home with me for two weeks, Hannah (17) and Cheyenne (14). And although they definitely would have passed on the hottest August in Arizona since the 60's, we had soooo much fun.  I felt like I was 15 again, giggling, making late night treat runs, watching tons of movies and punching each other in the boob.  Seriously.

Well I convinced the girls we should have a project to do while they were here, and they looked through all my fabrics and patterns and we decided on this:
Fabric: Just Dandy for Robert Kaufman   Pattern: Messenger Bag by Izzy and Ivy Designs

We would spend an hour on some days, twenty minutes on others, just slowly working on finishing these bags for school.  I have my own started too, but about halfway through realized I better help them otherwise we wouldn't get them done in time!!  And only one sewing machine didn't help.

Below is a shot of the back with a nice big pocket.

This is the front with the flap.

These bags are great, I am excited to finish mine, it will be my official church bag.  It's the perfect size for a few books or notebooks.  There are also up to 4 pockets on here too, love me some pockets.  And the pattern was written fabulously, even the girls were following along!  Great diagrams, love that.

Hannah and Cheyenne did most the work themselves too!  I did help Hannah cut hers out (she's a leftie and we just couldn't figure out the best way for her to cut!!) But they did their own sewing, ironing and even a little hand stitching.  Good work girls!!


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See you tomorrow for a really sweet baby girl quilt feature :)


Krista Schneider said...

Those bags are awesome! How fun that your nieces came to stay. I can't wait for the day my niece is big enough to sew with me :D

Quiet Quilter said...

The bags are definitely keepers!

the gathering girls said...

really nice messenger bags!!

randi--i have to say said...

oh my goodness! great bags!

Leslie said...

these bags are gorgeous

Jocelyn said...

How cool is that! The bags are awesome!! Great job Auntie :-)

Go-Go Kim said...

Those bags are amazing! That is a very good project to do with teen girls for sure. Great job!

quiltzyx said...

I wonder if you will get some orders for bags from your nieces' classmates? They are wonderful!

Laura said...

very cute bags

The Baldwin's said...

You are such a great aunt! Love me some boob punching!! Haha That's classic!! And E gone that long! Oh my, BJ left yesterday for four weeks...I should have went home too...4th year sucks!! Thank you for posting this, you're the best and heather thank you as well!! Loves, loves gen