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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cara from Me? A Mom? and her Modern quilt finish...

Cara from Me? A Mom? Is a funny blogger girl. She makes me laugh. Cara has three little daughters and enjoys quilting and blogging about both. We loved this modern quilt she hung in her new workspace. For a little eye candy, check out all these finished quilts, and who doesn't love more tutorials to add to the list? Check these out...Be sure to go check out Me? A Mom? for some inspiration and funny...

I know the Grandmas (and perhaps others) are none too pleased at the shift in the content of this blog. Maybe you miss all the talk about my boobs or all the alcohol-related activities I did with the kids, or what about when Lila was waking up at 4 a.m. each morningThat was fun, wasn't it?Oh I kid.

Truth be told, I often always feel guilty when I pick writing about my hobby over writing about the kids. But hold tight. Posts are coming. I just need to get my mommy-writing mojo back.

In the meantime, indulge me as I share another quilt finish.

Remember this stack of fabric?  It's been through a lot.

New quilt in the works

It was the beginning of a quilt I started in February that I wanted to hang in my office at work. I cut out 304 pieces of fabric for a pattern before realizing a math error. I bemoaned about that here if you care to relive the pain with me.

I then experimented with my miscut fabric scraps and ended up with this wall hanging before finally committing to making a quilt 100% inspired bythis one. I mean, let's face it, it's basically a duplicate. Sorry, Susan. I guess I just loved yours too much. 

So now six months later -- yes, six months back to work, can you believe it? -- I can finally say that I have this quilt finished and hanging in my office.

Ta da. 

It's on the wall directly across from my desk. At the risk of sounding completely narcissistic, I love looking at it.    

I originally started to stipple it. I got about a third of the way done before I realized I wanted a more modern quilting effect. So I unpicked all the quilting and started over. It was worth it. I am really pleased with the random straight (and not so straight) quilting lines.  

And keeping with the trend of doing everything more than once, I decided to take out all the basting pins and used 505 basting spray instead. Can I just say that I'm completely hooked on this stuff? It's not smelly, it's easy to use, and it works so much better than safety pins (for me at least).  

The Wonky Quilt

Would I ever do this wonky strip patter again? No. Never. It was a pain in the butt to keep wonky yet controllable enough to stay somewhat square (know what I mean?). But I sure am glad I stuck with it.



Josie McRazie said...

I have to say
1) the hanging is beautiful and the wonky stripes SO work well!
2)I like a blog when it is not so one sided! You know we are not just one dimentional people! Yes we quilt, but we are Mother's, friends, and have other interests as well! for me when a blog has personality in it it just makes that person so much more real to me! Thank you for that! :)
(fellow blogger who writes about whatever comes to mind that day!!)

pinsandneedles said...

Thank you for sharing! Love the wonky quilt and the scrappy colors!

Anonymous said...


Cherie said...

Love the quilt! Wonky is awesome...proves we quilters don't have to be perfect all the time....think that's the side name I'll put on all my quilts =D

Kate Brown said...

It's so nice to finish something, or even just working on it, it makes you happy and you love it. Sorry the making experience wasn't good but aqt least the lasting impression is happy :)

Patricia Lessell said...

Love the quit but it's way beyond my capabilities that's for sure. You are just so talented. Hope you have a nice Easter weekend. The Brits have Monday off too as well as Friday and Easter Sunday is the only day besides Christmas day that the stores are closed here.

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