Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday String Quilt from So Sarah Sews

Sarah from SoSarahSews has a fabulous quilt to share with us all today.  I LOVE the bright happy colors, and I'm sure a teenage girl will love them even more!!  Sarah has a great list of her finished quilts, so yummy to look at it :)  Make sure to see her flickr for inspiration and check out SoSarahSews.  Thanks!!

Well, I'm moving to London, England in 6 short months.  And I've made a quilt for all my young nieces and nephews...the ones that have been born in the last few years.  But my goal for this year was to give my older nieces and nephews a quilt before I leave.

I took care of Grant, whose birthday was in December, with this camoflage quilt.

Next up is my oldest niece, Brooke.  Her birthday is 4 days after mine in February, and I'm happy to say I'm already done with her quilt!  (Only two more to go after her!)
Brooke's Quilt 

Here it is.  She's going to be 15 this year.  I can't believe it.  I think this will suit her.  She told me she likes all these colors, but no yellow, which is funny because her room is yellow.

An upclose of the quilting...can't believe it didn't get that string off...

This is an up-close of the quilting. I did big flowers throughout the quilt. I like it. (Don't mind the string hanging off there...don't know how I missed that!)


The back is one fabric I chose that I thought she would like. The colors in the pic are a little off, but it's really nice in person. I hope she likes it!

I had a lot of little triangles left over when I trimmed the blocks.  I made a baby quilt with them, you can check it out here

I'll soon be sharing with you my newest nephew's quilt (See HERE) that will be on it's way to him soon. (He was born 12-12-12! How cool is that birthday?!)  



Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Gorgeous quilt, love the colours and the quilting!

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