Monday, April 22, 2013

Sampler Quilt from Gone Stitchin'....

Hip hip hooray! We're featuring a reader who FINISHED OUR BOM SERIES!! Go Cheryll!!!  It was such a fun way to do a BOM (in my opinion, lol!).  Having just a theme each month gives so much creative liberty, every quilt is different.  Cheryll went with her husbands team colors, genius!  Be sure to check out Gone Stitchin' my cubbyhole for some fun and creative inspiration!  PS If you missed our BOM finishes, check out Meg's Finish and Heather's Finish.  Thanks Cheryll!! Yours look awesome!!

Thanks for being patient all these long months while I participated in  a BOM with Megan & Heather at Quilt Story blog. We all started in March last year... and finally it's time to reveal our finished quilt. My quilt was made for my hubby so he could wrap himself up this winter watching his favourite football team. Both he and I are very happy with the end result.
The lap quilt measure 68in x 46in.

A BIG THanK YoU goes out to both lovely girls at Quilt Story Blog... for their organisation and encouragement all year long!
Lets hear a HuGe...WooHoo!
Thanks GirLS...



Susan said...

What a beautiful quilt!!. Congratulations.

Lynette said...

Very nice :)

tubakk said...

A beautiful quilt! And a big thank you to the girls who hosted this BOM. I finished my quilt by using only nine of my twelve blocks. The rest I will find another use for, for sure.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Wow Cheryl. this looks fantastic. Off to your blog now .... did I miss your finished post ... woops :(

Christine M said...

Your quilt looks great Chez. I'm sure your hubby loved it!

Shirley said...

The quilt looks great.

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