Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Miss Mk- big girl room!

Kelley from Littlemissmk has this darling blog here. She makes some darling fun projects. How much do you love this first photo of her little girl in her "big girl room"? Priceless! She made this darling "small quilt" here, love this idea! And this sweet post about her Grandma and a quilt she made with her, love it! Be sure to check her out, great little corner of the blogosphere. 

Macy turned three and we decided to re-do her room. Her room had been very gender-neutral (ie- boy) because before she was born we decided not to find out if she was a boy or a girl. So it was time for a change. There is no denying it- Mace is very very girly. Very pro-pastels. So when I thought about making her a big girl bed quilt I wanted it to scream girl so I could always remember just how pinkalicious she was at age 3.
I used this Folksy Flannel fabric that I love. It is so so so soft. I never really sew with flannel but the few times I have I've thought "why don't I sew with this more often?..." Macy insisted that the dominant color of the quilt be pink (shocking,) so I chose brick shot cotton and I think it goes pretty well. Its woven with pink and orange threads and it has a pretty orange shimmer in the sunlight (Alton, if you are reading this I know you are rolling your eyes. Go with it. And thanks for reading my blog.:)I used this wonderful hexagon quilt-along tutorial. It is super clearly written and I was so happy to find it online- for free- what you can't find online these days...I really wanted to work in this Alice in Wonderland fabric. Its actually a robe from a fabric designer that makes PJ's as well. My girl has quite the Alice obsession. So I worked her in to be falling down the center of the quilt- down the rabbit hole I guess. When I finished the quilt I wasn't super pleased with how the pale blue Alices looked against the other bright fabrics, but such is life.I included a bit of his yellow shirt to remind her of how much he loved her.
I made a label for the quilt as well and sewed it to the back- my first label, I think. I hesitated posting it because its syrupy sweet and might make you think I'm overly sappy. And I guess I am when it comes to my girl, so I'm posting it anyway... Of course I couldn't have completed this quilt all myself. I had major help again. Lori helped me work out a few (tons) of my headaches. And then she even hand bound the quilt when I was done. Just to be kind. I know, I'm lucky.I updated her bulletin board with matchy-matchy fabric and new pictures of family and friends we love. Helps us remember them in our prayers- seeing them right above her bed. Also found a sweet Alice print and made some fun flowers from this Martha tutorial to make it feel a little more golden afternoon-ish. I go back and forth between thinking the flowers are cute and then cheesy, but they took me more time than you would think so for now I'm sticking with cute...A few days before her birthday and before I had done the big room re-do, she was talking about her favorite topic- Disney movies. I asked her "Who is your favorite, Mace?" She looked at me and without missing a beat said "Mulan, Mama." Interesting. So naturally I pretended I didn't hear her and changed the subject.This is her fake sleeping while I snapped pictures. The fake snoring was pretty comical. Goodnight, miss Mulan.



lll-lll-lll said...

Супер покрывало !!!
Такое яркое и стильное :)
И такое аккуратное !!!
Завидую белой завистью малышке,живущей в такой комнате :)

Impera_Magna said...

How very sweet and precious your Macy is... and what an incredible quilt you made for her! I'm sure it will be treasured for many, many years!

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts said...

So adorable. I really enjoyed your post. The quilt is lovely and Macy is a cutie! I am getting ready to redo my 3 year old daughter's room too. PS: I like the flowers! :)

LynCC said...

What a wonderful room! And the quilt is adorable, cheery, and superbly planned. (Love the stream that Alice is falling down along.)

felicity said...

So completely adorable! My little girl is 3½ - such a precious age.

jojo said...

genial et la ptite chounette adorale bisessssssssssssss