Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday!  Welcome to Quilt Story :)  Today we're featuring another one of our guest judges for the Block Party (what?? You haven't heard??  Well check this out so you can win tons of prizes!)  Sorry about that.  On to our guest judges, Twin Fibers!  It is no secret that we love Jennifer and Jessica and their amazing and creative work.  It seems as though every time we get on the computer they have another great quilt finish!  If you haven't been to their blog, you must.  Great tutorials, quilt finishes, the works.  

Now, get ready for some eye candy.
Love the colors here, and check out that darling crib!  Great photo!

Henna Garden Quilt
I really love how this is paired with black, it's so dynamic.

Diamond Chain Quilt
They even give a tutorial for this darling quilt!  Added to my "to-do" list.

Baby-in-the-Hood Jacket

Pop Flower Quilt - details
I love their unique style and design, the hand stitching looks fabulous here!

Thanks again girls!

See you tomorrow for Fabric Tuesday!


Naturally Carol said...

I couldn't say which one I liked the best out of this lot...they are all so georgeous!

SewSara said...

awesome pictures and projects ... especially love the little jacket! Thanks for linking to all these great blogs :)

Twinfibers said...

aawww... thanks, Heather and Megan for the love! :) I've been on vac. and this was fun to see when I got home.