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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heather and Megan loner block please !

Well Heather and I are just giggling like crazy.  You'll see why in a minute.  First, since we're having a really fun Block Party for ya'll, we decided we wanted to do a mini block party between us :)  We've each created a traditional quilt block this week and you get to vote on the sidebar for your favorite block.  We'll have the poll open for a week until we have next week's block, modern.
This poll is no longer open.

Heather's Block 

Megan's Block

See why we're laughing?!?  We made the same block!!! Of all the blocks in the world..seriously.  We've been chatting all week but decided not to tell what we're doing as to not influence the other.  We didn't discuss fabrics, colors, anything!  Ah we're funny people.

Quick Story. If you don't care to get to know us better, skip this paragraph :)  A few months after I had my second baby it was my birthday, so I went and bought a new dress (uh, from Walmart, it's seriously all that I had to shop at for two years).  You'd be surprised how cute Walmart clothes can look to you when you have no other choices.  Anyway, at church I got a compliment here and there about how nice I looked.  And then they kept coming, and coming.  And then I got downright angry.  Seriously??  I looked so awful for four months that now you see me showered and in a $15 dress and you can't stop saying how good I look??  Well I told this story to Heather and her husband Dallan.  Heather had a disturbed look on her face and was nodding right along with me.  Dallan, however, couldn't stop laughing at how similar Heather and I are.  She tried her best to convince him that each additional compliment was rude, but he never got on board. :)

Back to the parties!  So not only did we want to have this little challenge for fun for ourselves, but we wanted to give you guys ideas and inspiration to join the Block Party!  However, us each making the same block didn't really make that statement we had planned.  Below we've compiled a mosaic of blocks from Flickr that fall in one way our another into the traditional category.

1. Deanna's Block, 2. December Block for Kimmie -- Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee, 3. Test block for March, 4. Stash Busting Bee: February, 5. Dresden Block for November MLB, 6. Card Trick, 7. Modern Bee Quilt Block June, 8. Quilt Along Block 2, 9. Quilt Block Swap - May - For Debbie, 10. Quilting Divas block for Sandy, 11. The Euro Bee September - for Tacha, 12. rainbow around the block blue, 13. Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 5, 14. Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Blocks, 15. Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Blocks, 16. Nettie's Block

A couple of people wondered if they could still enter the block party if they don't have a blog, and the answer is YES!  Check out our original post where I've edited to add that information.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite block (or color) on the sidebar! :)  Vote for me!!
This poll is no longer open.

PS Do you know a good poll widget that allows pictures?  I'd love to know :)


Neoma said...

I think these blocks looks so nice. And it seems like there is a lot of work behind them. Funny that both of you chose to do the same block! :)


randi said...

Lovely collection of blocks! And you gals are funny. How nice that you have each other to be silly with. :)

Nancy said...

I am drawn to number 2...I love the color combo and she pressed her

My sister and I frequently show up at family events dressed similarly..without prior knowledge. Once we met at a local mall for dinner/shopping and we were dressed identically...same shirt, same pants, same

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

I love both your quilt blocks!! How funny is that - you guys are hilarious!
That story was great too - I would have thought the same thing!

Lee Ann L. said...

That is funny. What are the odds of that happening? :-)

the gathering girls said...

Both quilt blocks are beautiful, but quilt block A is more my colors!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing with you two. I have a BFF that taught me to quilt and this is totally something we would do. I love them both.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bliss in block A? cause I love bliss! =)

Christie describeHappy said...

Yup, too funny! Great way to kick things off!

SewSara said...

you guys are so funny! out of all the blocks......!!? wow.

Javorkowo Aga Jaw said...

very imaginative designs

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather and Megan! Both of the blocks are so beautiful! It's funny how often that kind of coincidences happens! This Block Party is so good idea - it gives us ideas and inspiration to try something new!
Sunny wishes from Teje

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