Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Calypso Swing Quilt

Today I've got the first Quilt Story for the year 2011, yahoo!!  One of our new readers, Cara from The Official Mark Cesarik Fabric Fansite, sent us a link to her first quilt (seriously so many people make amazing first quilts!).  Not only is it her first, not only did the design it herself, but her fiance is the designer of the fabric!!  Talk about a match!  Here's Cara:

I finished my first quilt last night! I really love how it turned out. Quilting is addicting - I think I'm hooked. I fell even more in love with Calypso Swing through making this quilt. The designs looks really great together if I may say so myself... I'm trying to convince Mark he should started quilting but he doesn't want to. Oh well - more fabric for me

The back of the quilt is just large rectangles of fabric pieced together. Next time I want to do something a little more fun for the back.

I designed the quilt to show off the fabric "Shuffle" and hand-quilted to emphasize the circular pattern.

Along the rest of the quilt, I hand-quilted circles.

Thank you for all of your help and suggestions with binding. I actually really ended up enjoying the process of sewing the binding onto the quilt. My mitered corners could use a little help, but I'm sure I'll get better with each quilt.

If anyone is interested in the pattern for this quilt, I am happy to write a tutorial. Just leave a comment to let me know. Thanks for looking!


the gathering girls said...

That is a beautiful quilt! The fabric is awesome!

C said...

Thanks for sharing my quilt! You made my day!

Heather said...

These fabrics are so beautiful. Love the quilt.You did a great job!

grammajill said...

This is a really nice quilt. Your binding looks great for a first timer, or a seasoned quilter! Good work!

The Captain said...

Wow!! I love that quilt! I'm hand quilting my first quilt and I hope it turns out half as nice as yours! Beautiful job!