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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Quilt for Baby Belle

Warning: Picture Overload

I've got another quilt finish (Megan), so I had to sneak in my own feature :)  My sister-in-law just had her first baby, a sweet baby girl Annabelle.  I called my SIL a few months into her pregnancy and asked her what colors she liked.  She said she was really into yellow, pink and brown.  Well just prior to that Heather and I got the whole line of Just Dandy.  Perfect right?  Except that I had the blue/green colorway and Heather took the pink/yellow colorway.  AND I had already used mine on these messenger bags.  Sigh.  After a lot of pouting and bribery (and more pouting) Heather gave me some.  I don't think there could have been a more perfect line!

I went through several designs with this, all of them were HST though :)  At one point it was a zig-zag quilt.  Ultimately I settled on this design and I liked having the pink/cream double hourglass to offset the yellow.

I used some leftover Peacock Lane for binding. I need more of those fabrics, amazing for the stash, seriously.

I also gave baby Belle Lola's Quilt :)  I figure if I ever have a girl I will want to do all pink/red/purple for her.  Already having two boys I literally have blue and green in every room.

I used Joel Dewberry's Heirloom for backing.  I straight stitched about 1/4" on the sides of the seams.  It made a neat pattern and I love the six-pointed stars in the middle.

Next I had to make her one of my Carseat Canopy's from Oh Baby!.  I used felt for the flowers and added a pearl in the middle.  I loved working with so much pink!  Here's the supplies you need for the flowers:

Two colors of felt, scissors (these teflon Havel's are my fave...they're really really good!), glue gun and disappearing ink pen.  I used the cup opening for the lighter pink and large circles, cut 4.  From the bottom of the cup cut the darker pink, cut 4.  Fold in half twice using the glue gun to keep in place. Arrange like below and add a pearl or two to the top!  Ta-da! How's that for a mini tutorial??

I also made her a nursing cover with Midnight Garden from Michael Miller.  Those come together fast...some boning and D-rigs and you're good to go!  Got to have one of those right?

I made an extra flower with a hair clip on the back.

Seriously it was so much fun to make girl stuff!  And it felt nice to go "overboard" since it was for a to get to meet that sweet baby girl!  They're in Florida and we're in Arizona, so it may take some time but it'll happen. Until then Skype will suffice.

Thanks for stopping by!



SisterlyLove said...

All SO beautiful! Congrats on the new niece!!


Unknown said...

Beautiful colours in that quilt, and those fabrics are super. one lucky SIL. Kxx

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love your quilt for Anabelle. pink, brown,yellow are not colours I'd usually like together but in this quilt they look absolutely fab!

Dee said...

Wowzers this is quite a gift! They're all so much fun and pretty and girley!

Great job on them all!

pcflamingo said...

HST with the hourglasses is a great idea! So pretty and happy. Congrats on such a great idea for the happy addition to the family.

Rebecca said...

What a bunch of beautiful gifts for your new niece!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

I love the colors and the diamond shapes - so pretty! What a beautiful collection of gifts you are giving her!

SewSara said...

holy cuteness overload!!
i bet your SIL was sooooo excited to receive all that. I really love the tiny hourglasses on the HST quilt, too. genius! Great work on all of it. eeek - girl babies are just so fun.

Katie said...

There can never be picture overload for all the goodies you showed us. That is one lucky baby! You did a beautiful job and your SIL is so lucky to have you!