Friday, June 1, 2012

Rainbow Star Quilt from Making it up as I go along

Quickly to announce the winner of the minky blanket from The Minky Boutique:

Emma Anderson said...
Love that blanket, I haven't worked with minky and I'd love to try it out. My fave is the little cars in orange, my boy would love it! Thanks for the chance!
Today's quilt is a collaborative effort from Lisa of Making it up as I go along.  She and her group Peace Circle put this quilt together for do.Good Stitches.  It turned out beautifully!!  I love all the colors, the design is great...such an amazing gift to someone in need!  For scrumptious eye candy make sure to stop by Making it up as I go along and check out Lisa's flickr!

This quilt is complete.  What fun it was to work on!  I love doing the do.Good Stitches quilts and seeing it all come together.  Thanks again, Peace Circle, for your wonderful work!

This will be off in the mail, oh, probably tomorrow.  I still have to wash it and snip some remaining thread tails.

This one will be hard to part with.  But then again, I think I say that about all of them!  I love the finished product so much.

I hope it provides many hours of warmth and snuggly goodness to its new owner!


Jennifer said...

absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

Britt-Inger said...

What a wonderful quilt that you have made. Thanks for sharing

Cherie said...

An amazing quilt! Love the pattern =D

CathyK said...

An amazing quilt!!! Gorgeous!

Dayna at Driving Miss Daisy said...

Wow! that quilt is absolutely Beautiful! Great work ladies!