Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Izzy inspired quilt for a boy...

Have you seen Izzy Inspired? This blog is great. I love her style! Just check out her finished quilt link. I heart all of them a lot! She is super talented! Good eye for colors and fabrics.  I love her quilts so much, I asked if we could feature another one of hers in a month or so. Beautiful stuff!

Thankfully I was able to finish quilting Trenton's quilt before we moved. He was so excited to use it and hasn't let another person touch it since I handed it over to him.

This actually took me a few weeks to finish. It has lines going vertically, horizontally and lastly diagonally in both directions. 

I absolutely adore the way the intersections on the border turned out...they make all the work worth it. I have acquired a recent love for complex straight line intersections. 

This is a close up of Trenton's favorite block, not only because it is his hexagon block but because it was made with his favorite Quicksilver shirt (I literally had to pry it from his hands to get it out of his closet, even though it was 2 sizes too small). I think that he would of loved the quilt regardless, but this makes it extra special to him. 

This is what he looks like everyday now. He comes home from school, grabs his quilt and stays wrapped in it all afternoon (even when it's hot out)....I have to tell you, seeing a quilt I made loved like this makes my heart explode with joy and reminds me why I love this medium!!



Impera_Magna said...

What a beautiful quilt... and what a joy to have it so loved!

I, too, am developing a love of straight-line quilting lately... the intersections are so cool!

Linboose said...

I love this quilt! Such a perfect design for a boy!! I sooo have been wanting to make a quilt for my son (15, yrs old) but couldn't decide on a pattern suitable for him, this one is just right!! I also love, love the color combo. What fabric line did you use?
Lastly, I love the little toes peaking out of the first picture! Adorable!!
Thanks for the inspiration :)

Karenkay said...

It's a great quilt to give to a boy!

Kim said...

Seriously LOVE this quilt!!!! Awesome colors. great job!!!!

Val said...

Love the quilt. The fabrics are great. I was lured here by a Fabric Tuesday button on someone's blog :) I blog about other things on Tuesday but I wanted to follow so I can call in and look around on Tuesdays. Looks interesting.

Bonny said...

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cinzia said...

the way your boy loves this quilt is so special! that kind of love does make all the work worthwhile. I love it. it's beautiful and so weel done.