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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fabric Tuesday!

Happy Fabric Tuesday everyone!
Did you all watch Oprah yesterday?
Let me fill you in.
She has a secret half sister!
{everyone staring blankly at the computer screen}
Okay okay, so none of us knew how many siblings Oprah did or didn't have.
But let me say, this lady found out a few years ago (2007) that she was Oprah's half sister, given up for adoption at birth.  Can you imagine that?!?

Want to know something else?
Heather and I went to see Oprah!!  We actually got tickets to be in her audience a little more than a year ago.  Heather flew into Chicago to meet me for less than 24 hours. leaving her 6 week old baby at home.  Totally worth it.  It was awesome.  She totally looked at us, she kept making eyes at me because I had a question for her...even though I never got to ask it, but that's a whole other story.

Heather and I also saw Bob Barker's head once on a guided tour of Hollywood.
I saw President Bush land on Air Force One.
I saw Joan Rivers in an airport terminal.
AND I saw Wayne, the big brother on the Wonder Years in the airport.  But not to be confused with the time I saw Joan Rivers.  Totally different.

Well if that wasn't a tangent...and for a very smooth transition...
Here's what I made my friend Sara aka SewSara for Christmas! :)

The girl LOVES red, cherries and bright and cheery fabric! I didn't give her specific instructions on it's usage (that's probably what she's thinking!).  I imagine it could be a wall hanging, or table topper...It's probably a 12 inch square in the middle where I appliqued the cherry.  I used scraps from my Spinning Coin Quilt to piece the border and used the same fabulous binding. I have one last little project where I used the rest of my fabric from the Fabric Shoppe that I'll share next week.

I straight line quilted it because it's all I know how to do it's really trendy and fit this piece perfectly!  Here is what Sara made for me.

Without more pointless blabbering...I give you:

Edition 21
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What have you been up to?!?



SewSara said...

i'm really hoping to finish my quilt tonight (yes into the wee hours of the night) so i can post it!

and did you see my text? i totally hung the cute cherries on my wall by my fabric shelves. (but i admit i moved it just for simon's bday cuz i am silly like that and it didn't match the blue balloons (?)

i watched that oprah today (i NEVER watch anymore cuz i don't have dvr) and i was like, wow, i wish i could find out i have a lost sister who is a trillionaire!!! sheesh, she scored!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather and Megan!
Thank you for hosting this great party!
That small quilt is so beautiful!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather and Megan!
Thank you for hosting this great party!
That small quilt is so beautiful!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

wow - oprah's half sister. That's a pretty cool thing to find out as an adult!
Love your applique cherries!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Thanks for sharing your brushes with celebrities, they made me smile. I love your little quilt for Sara, it's adorable! Love your choice of binding, it's gorgeous :)

Cindy said...

I got to go to the Oprah show about a year and a half ago. Great experience! So glad I had the chance to go before she wrapped up the show. Love your cherry quilt!

randi said...

quick question, girls. how do you get your links list to show up in your post? I have one on my blog today and you have to click on it to view it.

Any help is appreciated!

Randi :)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Hi from Ireland! I love the little quilt it's so bright and cheerful and the fabrics are beautiful! I have linked up my first ever quilt (Bliss Charm) thanks for the opportunity to link. I'd love to gain some new followers on my blog so please pop over and say hi and link to follow!

randi said...

ok, girls, i figured it out. :)

Sharon said...

I just discovered your Fabric Tuesday, what a cool linky party! If I can figure it out I'll link up a project from last week, otherwise I just follow along.
Cool famous people encounters. My dad's friend has a binocular rental business in Hollywood that I worked for during summers in college. I rented out to Breckin Meyer (from Clueless) once and Courtney Cox smiled and said Hi to me at the Emmy's (back when Friends was big). :)

Funky Kim said...

You have made me so very happy! Who knew that straight line quilting was trendy??? I'm trendy! Hot damn!

Jaime S. said...

Love your blog! Found you at Little Eme. I"m your newest follower and would love to see you following back over at

Caty said...

Thank you so much for doing Fabric Tuesday! I found your blog about a week ago and I really enjoy seeing the projects you've done! Thank you for sharing them!

I've also participated in Fabric Tuesday and grabbed your button for my blog.