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Monday, August 8, 2011

How sweet is this Dresden quilt? I am loving how happy the prints make me! So bright and colorful!
Jennifer from Ellison Lane Quilts makes darling quilts, just look at her finished quilts! And her fun tutorials, don't forget to check out her etsy shop too!

Dreaming Under Dresdens!
Oh Happy Day!

The dresdens are finished!

Can you see me doing my happy dance?
I adore this quilt. Simply love it.

What started out as this

became this

and has now become this.

After many months and starts and stops, this cheerful, happy quilt is complete.  I took it on vacation with us last week and finally had time to finish it.

I only used my favorite fabrics and even hand quilted the circles with perle cotton.

You may recall this post about my intentions to keep this quilt for myself (Can you blame me? It's just so pretty and happy!) but the more I worked on it, the more it called out to me as the perfect quilt for my sweet girl.

After all, that is how it began- with her in mind- so it was only fitting that it should be hers in the end.

You can see she put it right to use.
The more  I worked on it, the more I loved it, and the more I wanted her to have it.

Inspired by the quilt on the cover of Material Obsession, it's called Sweet Dreams and is by far the biggest quilt I've made.

Just shy of a twin at 55" x 76", it will sit on the end of her bed but I don't imagine it will stay there. It's rather perfect for snuggling on the couch, as a blanket for her picnic tea parties, or when she needs to build a fort.

The back is my favorite whimsical floral/butterfly print from Just Wing It and the binding is my favorite Amy Butler orange dot.

I hope this quilt will grow with her and be something special she loves forever as I loved making it for her.



Ruth said...

The colours in this are gorgeous! I really love the borders and binding - they compliment the dresdens so well.

rockgranny said...

I love dresdens, so far I've made only few, but your gorgeus quilt is a challenge & spur to start something bigger.I'm sure your girl will enjoy it

Thearica said...

The Dresdan Plate is one of my favorite quilt patterns even though I have never made one. I have quilted many for customers so I need to bite the bullet and make one for myself!

Lynne said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and that shot of your little girl using it could be straight out of a photography magazine! Well done on both the quilt and the photos.

Diane said...

Wow - this is BEAUTIFUL!! What a lot of love is sewn in that quilt!

Marsha said...

She will cherish that quilt forever. That is gorgeous,love the colors. Whats next?


pcflamingo said...

So pretty! I've never made a Dresden Plate quilt, but this is so wonderfully colorful it makes me want one! I will add it to my quilting bucket list and will have to live to be 126 to finish all on the list!

Kristie said...

So bright and happy :)

Lindsay Conner said...

It's beautiful!

cinzia said...

nothing like a good vacation to help you get ahead on a quilt (worked for me!). your quilt is lovely and giving it to your daughetr is almost like keeping it. at least it's still in your home!

Jessica said...

This is one of my most favorite quilts on blogland! COngrats on being featured, Jennifer :)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Love Jennifer's colourful style and I just adore this Dresden quilt, its fab!

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Thanks for the love everybody. You sure do know how to make a girl feel good! :) xo