Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fabric Tuesday !

Hi all! Welcome to fabric Tuesday.

We normally like to feature projects from last weeks link up, but our subscription expired and I don't have access to the lists. (I am all paid up, but am not sure if this link will even work???)

Don't worry, everything should be restored!

Anyhow, I wanted you to share a few fun projects we found on Pinterest. Meg and I are in LOVE with Pinterest. You can check out our boards or follow us on Pinterest here.

chevron baby quilt
A chevron baby quilt from Girls in the Garden...just love the colors!

Love the big star and little star layout.  Fabulous use of Heather Ross!

Super fun and cute star quilt found on flickr...

Canton Village Quilt Works

This amazing quilt from Canton Village Quilts...one day...


Dee said...

Thanks for hosting each week! So many of my quilts and home ideas come from Pinterest!

The quilts you featured are just gorgeous!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I don't have a project for this week, but its always so fun to see what everyone links up. Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls! All three quilts you featrue today, are so beautiful! I would love to make every pattern!
Thank you for hosting and I wish you Happy Day! x Teje

Kirsten said...

Pinterest is fabulous - am following your boards now!

Liana Sanjana said...

What a tedious load of hocus-pocus. Personally, I have no idea as to baby quilt. Nor do you. Nor do I have an opinion on it. Is this really all people can think about anymore? More Info

Anonymous said...

That Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt looks like mine! If I didn't know better... LOL!