Friday, February 22, 2013

First Friday Finishes!

Hey all!  Heather is enjoying herself at a quilting retreat this weekend...and I'm pretty jealous!  It seems pretty amazing to me to spend three days sewing your heart out!  She's been emailing me here and there to keep me in the loop :)  In case you're wondering...Heather and I keep our blue tooths in our ear and talk a couple of hours everyday.  Yep.

You've heard us both talk about how amazed we are to have finished a quilt with the Block of the Month series.  So we've been talking and decided we wanted to start another series..

First Friday Finishes

Sorry, cute button to come.  It's pretty simple, the first Friday of every month we are going to share something we've finished for the month.  Not something new that we've started and finished, but one of our many many WIP's that we've taken the time to finish up!!

Here are some of mine that were handy yesterday for a picture:

Lucy skirts...two need trim and elastic, one just needs trim.

Lucy's Christmas stocking BEFORE Dec. 1!

I have several bibs in various stages...and she is such a drooler I actually need them!

For my FIRST Friday Finish (in 1 week) I am going to have my quilt label finished and attached to the quilt for my 4 year old and give it to him!  His birthday was January 6th.  I am so very close.

Heather is going to have my Christmas present finished and ready to share!

We both have loads of WIPs, I have three quilt tops, a messenger bag in the works and more...

The question is what do you think?

Would you like to just see us post our finishes on the First Friday?  See how much we can get done this year?


Would you like to join us?  We can do a linky party to encourage all of us if it's something you're motivated to do too!



Apple Avenue Quilts said...

I love to see your finished wips and share some of mine. Looks like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather and Megan! I enjoy always seeing what you have done! Link party sounds great but I hope you continue the Fabric Tuesday and it takes your time, too - so do as you feel.
Best wishes! x Teje

RobotMomSews said...

Great idea!

Kat said...

I love a linky party, especially one that involves a WIP. Good motivation to get something finished.

Emily said...

I agree with Kat, I love a good link-up :) .... and totally could use some motivation to finish my current projects!

Sarah Craig said...

First of all, I love your stuff - those bibs are just adorable! And I'm always up for a good linky party....

pinsandneedles said...

A linky party will encourage finishes! Sounds fun.

Sew Nomadic said...

I raise my hand for Linky Party!!! That would really get my butt in gear! BTW I love all the cute little people wears you made!!! The skirts are adorable!

Unknown said...

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