Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fabric Tuesday 188! Come party!

Fabric Tuesday again around here friends!  Let's see your projects you're working on this summer (or winter for those friends!).  I get sooooo inspired by you all each week! I saw several Economy Block quilts and it is pushing me further to the edge...??  Dang!  The list is long of quilts I'd like to make.

Here are some awesome finishes and a couple WIPs from last week! Enjoy!

madly in love with this one!!



South Beach

Fabric Tuesday #188
Your Turn!!

Remember ANY project that includes fabric can party!
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Needled Mom said...

Greaat projects!

Paula said...

I love those economy blocks. It's on my (ever-growing) list of things to do as well. I'm curious though ... why the name "economy" blocks. Does anybody know?

Debbie said...

I love the look of the economy blocks, but just couldn't manage more than a mini quilt. But at least I tried them! Thanks for sharing my Spiraled Jungle! ;-)

Shelley @ Cora's Quilts said...

Great projects - so inspiring! Thanks for hosting the linky party!

Debbie said...

LOVE LOVE your quilt! Just every little thing about it. Have been looking for a while for a way to share my projects with others of like mind. Hope I linked up right. I noticed the picture I chose is not working and not sure what to do about that, lol. Looking forward to checking out others work. Thanks for hosting this! Debbie

Debbie said...
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Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts!

AikaMaku said...

Thanks girls!!! I'm so excited to see my project on your blog!!! Thanks!!!! And lots of hugs from Barcelona!! :D

Debbie said...

This is Debbie @ The Way We Are. I tried to link up here but obviously did not do something right as No picture is showing. I would like to try again, but it won't let me. Can you possibly take the first one off so I can attempt to do it again? Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring me Meg & Heather, you are so sweet!