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Monday, June 4, 2012

Here we go again!

I swear to you, I barely shower these days. I am consumed with baby girl things!! As evidence see here and here.  Sigh.  It just gets me so excited.  But I have to stop at least for a while, so many more things to do plus it's summer and little people want to swim and play all day :)

I found this tutorial for the sweetest little dress.  I added the band on the bottom to tie in with the bows.  I am loving the finish.  Great tutorial by the way.  I followed the links she had at the bottom for the shirring.  Okay I am freaking out...I cannot find the tutorial!! I am so sorry to you (and the girl who did it!!) if you know where it is please tell me.  I will look more tomorrow!! I know I found it on pinterest but I can't see it on my board!

I had never shirred before, I was a little intimidated.  I started on some scrap piece and used a whole bobbin  and got no where!  I didn't know what the problem was, my elastic was crazy-gathered in the back. So my next bobbin I wound tighter...I didn't stretch the elastic but it was a nice firm wrap :) That must have been it because I decided to jump in and sew it and it worked fabulously!  (Well don't look too close :)

And of course my baby will be born in October (in Arizona lol) so naturally she needs loads of blankets.  Whipped up a couple more with mitred corners :)

Pink; Ann Kelle's Urban Zoology Whales and Children at Play Pink Dots
Fall; Denyse Schmidts Flea Market Fancy and flannel Madeline for Robert Kaufman

I did a simple decorative stitch to keep the fabrics lined up through washing.

Your turn!  Fabric Tuesday ya'll!  Let's see what projects you've been working on this week. Please take time to comment on others, that's what makes parties so fun.  We all love comments :)  At least comment on the one before yours if you can!




Grammy T. said...

So cute!

SewSara said...

Awwwwww such cute stuff Meg!! Sew NOW because you won't be doing it when she arrives. *sigh*
Take it from one who knows.
Every day I wake up and think "ok today I'll get it together and sew at naptime (or bedtime)" and it hasn't happened yet!!!

I love the fabrics you're using. Jealous of those cute flannels too. I am glad I made tons of blankets before Greta was born. But I still want to sew more things for her!

Susan said...

What a sweet little dress! I love shirring on little girl's dresses and in Sherbet Pips its even cuter!

Josie McRazie said...

showerign is overrated! LOL Love the dress!!

Shannon said...

How fun that you did self-binding receiving blankets! I was planning to do some minky blankets tonight for newly arrived babies, but I think I'll try the self-binding flannel instead since I've never done them before. Yours look great!

felicity said...

Oh my goodness that little dress is aDORable! Makes me wish my little one were still that little. But she's pretty fun at 4½, too. :)

Beth said...

That dress is too cute and i really like how you added the band. We must be on the same schedule because the post I linked up today included a dress too. It is actually for my older daughter this time but I'll be making one soon for the baby (it is upcycled from old t shirts.).

Carolyn said...

Such a cute baby dress! I know a couple baby girls that would look cute in something like that. I will have to search for a tutorial for it. I know I saw one for it somewhere too!

RobotMomSews said...

HAHA! That's so funny, I'm working with the pink whale fabric too! I LOVE it! It's so fun and summery!
Love the cute dress too!

Unknown said...

I loooove the shirring and reeeeally want to learn how to do it, soooo, great post! Thanks so much!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh my!
You make the sweetest things. I've pinned every single post you've done so far. Ha ha! :)


Becky said...

I don't have anything to share today :( Just so many other things going on. Wanted to say that I LOVE that fabric with the little whales on it though. Super cute dress too!

Cherie said...

The dress is adorable! Love the fabric and stitching on the blankets =D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter =D

Cathy said...

What a sweet dress.

Bethany (Make Me A Quilt) said...

Hello! I'm linking up for the first time today, and am a new follower. I am having fun clicking around your site! :)

You did a fantastic job with the shirring! I've tried it before but I haven't had much luck with it. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Carla said...

Adorable! I also live in Az so I know the weather is still warm in October. That is also my birthday month!

Kathie said...

Is it the tutorial from This looks similar to your cute dress.

CathyK said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What an adorable dress!!!!!! What a lucky little baby girl! :)

Margaret said...

Love the dress. I just learned to do the shirring last week. I am having a new granddaughter in October too. I have been making lots of little girl outfits. They are just so much fun to make.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

That is so cute! Lovely fabrics and the smocking WOW!!!

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