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Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilt Story from Sewn Modern Crafts...

Jyoti spent 10 years in University to become a Lawyer. When she went on maternity leave in 2012 for four months, she developed a love of quilting. She says "If I could quilt, craft, and be surrounded by fabric all day long I would, but I went to University for ten years, so I owe it to husband who was very patient with me for those years to actually work in my intended occupation. I love some parts about being a lawyer as it challenges my mind on a daily basis, but I needed some balance in life and I think quilting offers that, as it provides a creative outlet. There is only so much creativity in a legal argument.. " I think we all understand the need for a creative outlet. Make sure to visit Jyoti at her blog Sewn Modern Crafts...

I stumbled upon a pattern that I knew I needed to try out a few months ago. One afternoon while perusing the quilt blogging world I came across a blog called Craft Sew Create by Ellie Roberts (Craft Sew Create). I immediately fell in love with the Meandering Path quilt pattern. It looked like a simple enough pattern to complete for a beginner quilter. In the end it proved to be my most successful quilting venture and I am so proud of the quilt that I made. I ended up giving the quilt to my mom for Christmas this year (hence the delay in adding the quilt to the blog).

My mom has knitted countless blankets and throws for me over the years so it was my turn to finally pay her back for all her handy work. My parents enjoy going for picnics in the summer and they are moving (in a few short days) to Kelowna, British Columbia, where the weather is more favourable all year round. I initially made the quilt thinking they could use it as a picnic quilt but my mom said she would rather use it on her bed as she loves it too much to use it for picnics.

The finished size of the quilt is 72" * 86", just a tad shy under a queen size quilt. The fabric line I used was Mama Said Sew by Moda. I fell in love with the fabric when I had purchased a charm pack of the material about 4 months ago but it just sat in my fabric stash as I was unsure what to do with it. When I came across the pattern by Ellie it called for a charm pack and a layer cake so I ended up purchasing a layer cake as well. I backed the quilt with some material I found on an amazing discount ($3 per meter) at a local fabric store and bound the quilt with some of the script material from the Mama Said Sew line.

I have to give credit to my lovely husband as he helped me baste the quilt together with pins. I took on so many projects this year before Christmas that I needed his help. He did a very good job of basting!

I really enjoyed working with this pattern and think I will be making a quilt similar to this in the near future. It was easy but the end result looks complicated so it's deceiving in that way (which is perfect when you are giving a quilt as a gift). Similar to the way in which Ellie quilted her quilt, I quilted the vertical rows with a vertical stripe and the horizontal rows in a stipple pattern. I also added a 6" wide border around the initial pattern area to increase the size of the quilt (the border material is the same as the backing).



Needled Mom said...

It looks beautiful. It made a lovely gift.

Unknown said...

Oh, I just love it. I love reds and blacks and whites, just like that! Wonderful job; you have a lucky Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Surely many happy picnics will be held on that blanket!

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