Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heartbreak Homestead, great table runner...

Hannah from Heartbreak Homestead made this striking little table runner. I love patterns that are so unique. I really had a fun time looking through her blog. Here is the link to all her quilting projects, and follow this link for the rest of her fun blog here...

and it's done!

drum roll please...i met, neigh, beat a deadline. a little pat on the back is in order for myself - i was never once worried that i wouldn't be finished in time with this project. it just worked!
spring runner

many thanks to the handsome johnny - table runner model extraordinaire.

the mission for this little sew-along (hosted by stumbles & stitches) was this: celebrate spring, and find inspiration in rashida coleman's zig zag table runner from her book i love patchwork.
now i love spring - the weather is just perfect (once it hits 78 degrees, i'm crabby), windows get cracked open for the first time in months, mud, and happy little flowers budding and blooming. purple and blue crocuses live in my yard - hence the purple and blue spring runner, complete with lots (and lots and lots) of white and some vintage daisies for binding.

and not mention some half square triangles that i'm finally happy with! matching corners and consistent size, be-still my heart. now if only i were brave enough to put it on our table - maybe white wasn't the best idea with a wild toddler who loves nothing more than to eat, both food and crayons.

spring runner
spring runner



Anonymous said...

That's adorable! Shamefully All that white would just not survive in my house - which would make me want to stab the culprit with a fork no doubt lol... so I shall sit here and imagine having something so lovely on my table instead :)

Lisa said...

I love it! I'm not normally a fan of black and white but I really think this is lovely - so modern and fresh!