Monday, July 25, 2011

Log Cabins from Meg!

Welcome to week 4 of the Modern Rockin' Robin QAL!  I hope you're having fun seeing the different rows in the flickr group and with the other participating bloggers.  Click here for more information.
This week LOG CABINS!  I was really excited actually because I have never made any log cabin blocks.  And anytime I am stumped when working on a quilt or pattern our mom says, "How about a log cabin?!?"  She loves them.  Here's to you momma!!

This weeks row design is by Anne Marie from Gen X Quilters.

This is the row I deterred most from the original pattern.  And it has nothing to do with Anne Marie's design...I love hers!  I just decided I wanted to do something a little funkier with my quilt, and it helped me with my warm vs cool rules :)

I used the same widths as in the tutorial, I just pieced it together in the traditional log cabin way...ultimately the piecing went Right, Bottom, Left, Top.  For my rules one side is warm fabrics, the other cool. You can tell, right? 

I also made the outer border wonky.

Besides getting to try something new on each row, my favorite part about this QAL is that I chose to use scraps!!  I have so many of my favorite fabrics in here, and some of them were down to itty bitty pieces...I thought I may not find a way to use them.

Again, if you'd like to join the Quilt Along you can find out a little more here, check out the flickr group.

If you want to check out the other bloggers participating and see their blocks see
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Click here for the full tutorial on today's Block by Gen X Quilters!




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Well I like it!

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Ooo. I love these!

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omg, i love the colors.