Thursday, October 31, 2013

Darling Clothes for Lucy Lulu

Megan here :) My mom came earlier this month and stayed for three weeks. We had many practical things on our to-do list (like organizing and cleaning projects). But she did indulge me with some sewing for my little Lucy.  I haven't sewn a lot of clothing and my mom has, so anytime she comes I try to get her to help me with some.

I am so in love with these Ann Kelle prints.  They are over the top adorable.  There are mermaids, ballerinas, and princesses in this collection...  She is one of my favorite designers, no doubt about it. 

We mostly went for peasant tops, simple and sweet.  As you can see they're all finished a little differently.  Pom-poms, a bow, a pocket, ruffles.  My mom just used the shape/sizes from the pink dot dress pattern to create the peasant top pattern.

starting top left and clockwise: Heather Ross' "Briar Rose" strawberries with Michael Miller solid, Ann Kelle for R Kauffman "Girlfriends", Michael Miller pink dots, Michael Miller red dots and Riley Blake chevron

I don't have a problem mixing fabrics or being bold as you can see :)  I think it works when using the same color for two bold prints.  My mom saw a chevron pocket somewhere on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea.  I agreed!

This little dress gave us the most problems. :)  Apparently the pattern I grabbed at Joann was just not so easy.  My mom made this one and she swore up and down she wouldn't make another. Yep she totally took home some cute hearts and is making another one right now :)

This little Heather Ross strawberries was our first.  It turned out a little full so we gathered it around the chest.  It is so sweet and vibrant on little Lulu!

There you have it!  We made her some little pants too but they're being washed :) And my mom my have taken home a stack of fabric to make her some more clothes...I'm so excited!

Tomorrow we're having our first ever Giveaway DAY!  Several fabulous giveaways tomorrow from our sponsors all in one spot, easy peasy.  So stop by tomorrow for sure :)



Southern Gal said...

Those are adorable. This is what I sew the most, clothing for my granddaughters. Peasants are so easy and cute! My first attempt was with Sew Much Ado's free newborn pattern. It was "sew" easy, I was hooked.I hope they stay in style for a long time.

Jenny Watson Blogs said...

These are looking so adorable, There are a lot of online clothing shopping stores available and you must try one of them because your quilts are so lovely.

Lauren Deel said...

Adorable! Great job and thanks for sharing!

the gathering girls said...

Totally adorable!!

Heather said...

Fricken darling Meg!!makes me want to make so e for Pip. I will ask mama..

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness these are so cute! You should check out this awesome book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls it has some adorable things in it. I saw some samples at Quilt Market, and instantly wanted to have a little girl!

RobotMomSews said...

So cute!! I love all of them and so glad you got some sewing time in with your mom!