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Monday, October 14, 2013

Kona IronDean and Winners

A couple months ago (here) we asked you all to vote for our Uncle Dean who is fighting the most aggressive form of brain cancer.  He was a three time IronMan and too many to count marathon athlete.  He's also an amazing husband, dad and grandfather.  His dream has always been to compete in the Kona IronMan.  Because of your votes he was able to compete this past weekend!!!!!

Despite his tumors coming back this summer he continued to train.  On Saturday morning the race began in Hawaii and our huge family watched from all over the US  a little dot that tracked him all day.  Unfortunately he was pulled from the race during the bike leg.  He made it to mile 107 of 112 and wouldn't make the transition time to run.  Despite him not being able to finish I am sure you can imagine the inspiration of this man and his wonderful family.  Just follow Team IronDean on facebook and I guarantee you will be uplifted.  A great article was written in the Deseret News yesterday.  Thanks again to everyone for your votes, thoughts, prayers and support!!!

And totally unrelated but I needed to post!!!  Two winners from our Blog-ditty-Blog post where we asked for input on our blog!! (You can still comment!)  First winner for the Fat Quarters and Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, second winner for 2 Quilt Story PDF Patterns:

Aimee said...
Love seeing finished quilts. Quilt progress to a certain extent, the more difficult to quilt the more interested I am in seeing someone's progress, I do love seeing featured quilts; it helps me find new blogs to follow. Fabric lines & stashes ~ if it's a sponsored post I'm more likely to click over & read it, just because those hits help the blogger out, which benefits your readers in the long run. I mostly do quilts, not really all that interested in bags & the like, so other sewing projects likely won't entice me. New products, notions & designers, occasionally it's ok, but not a steady diet of it. Guest posts, sure, sometimes.
Love giveaways. Everybody benefits from well-run giveaways :) Tutorials seem to be really popular with other people, but I don't follow directions well, so normally ignore those.I love linky parties; it's a great way to find new blogs. Home decor projects is a no. Loved the Lucky Stars Quilt Along, but honestly that's not something I would normally do. Actually enjoy an occasional personal post, it's nice to know the person behind the quilt, at least a little bit.
Advertising ~ hate pop-ups. floaters & audio that comes on as soon as the blog loads. Sidebar advertising is a Yay! A lot of people blog as a business, & there's absolutely nothing wrong with advertisements & sponsored posts. In the long run it helps the blogger, the advertisers, & your readers. So I say yay to ads, as long as they don't take over your entire blog. 
Jeanette said...
I love the linky on Tuesdays, tutorials are great, especially featuring other bloggers too. I don't mind the ads at all-as long as they are quilting/sewing/fabric related.



RobotMomSews said...

Soooo awesome!! Your Uncle is amazing!

Tamara Hampton said...

thank you for updating us on your uncle dean. His story really touched me and Im glad he got to compete!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations to your Uncle Dean for his Iron Man competition-I'm sure he is an inspiration to your entire family and all the people who know about his story.

Thanks so much for the 2 patterns-I can't believe I won! I chose the Easy Sailing and Sawyers Tracks patterns.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Quite an inspiring message regarding your uncle in the Iron Man Competition! Such courage and strength!

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

congrats to your uncle! that's fantastic!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Michele said...

That is just fantastic. He is an inspiration to those fighting cancer everywhere.

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